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Nature Play and Learning Place


What is a Nature Play and Learning Place?

Nature Play and Learning Places are intended to be a bridge between the familiar and our natural ecosystems and allow children of all ages and abilities to form an emotional bond with their natural environment and encourage healthy, active children with an understanding and connection to their natural world.

These places provide an important early connection for children with nature and create future environmental stewards; promote outdoor physical activity; and foster a sense of community among children and adults through a fun and safe gathering place.

A Nature Play and Learning Place is defined by the Natural Learning Initiative as "a designated, managed area in an existing or modified outdoor environment where children of all ages and abilities play and learn by engaging with and manipulating diverse natural elements, materials, organisms, and habitats, through sensory, fine motor and gross motor experiences."

Elements of these playspaces often include:


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The Natural Learning Initiative

For more information about nature play, visit The Natural Learning Initiative at